Keith Urban is a clean and sober family man in 2011, but the singer has had his share of struggles with drugs and alcohol. That's why he told the Tennessean that "his heart really breaks" for the family of late singer Amy Winehouse, who passed away two Saturdays ago at the age of 27.

While Winehouse's cause of death is TBD until the toxicology reports come back, many have speculated that the singer's past abuse of substances contributed to her tragic passing at such a young age. That information has moved Urban to talk about how there is hope for addicts.

Urban said that he understands the Winehouse family's immeasurable pain and feelings of hopelessness, saying "there's only so much you can do" in these situations. He continued, "There does come a point where you have to pull away or detach with love as they say, because otherwise the entire ship is going to go down, and you can't help someone who doesn't want help."

He also mused about the infinite sadness of such losses, saying, "That's the tragedy of this particular thing: Some make it and some don't."

Urban did offer a little hope and advice for the families of people battling addiction, and said that those with addictions are not doomed to a life of misery and are not headed straight toward a certain early death. With rehab and "extraordinary people" by their side, people can recover. "I think if I've got any advice, it's to the families of these people and the importance of the family reaching out for help as a family," Urban said. "That's certainly been my experience, that the rallying and strength of a family around the individual is perhaps the greatest hope."

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