Keith Urban sat down recently with GAC to answer a few questions from fans. One fan asked, ‘Keith, since you lost so much of your gear and guitars during the Nashville flood, how many new guitars have you bought?"

"The ones that were able to be rebuilt are slowly getting rebuilt, and I’m still receiving one every other week coming back that’s good. Some of them look a little tragic, but they play good," Urban says.  Still, he has bought some new instruments and adds, "I may have about maybe seven or eight or something new ones ... I didn’t race right out and start ‘dating’ again if you will.  It felt a bit weird to be doing it so quickly."

Urban didn’t lose all of his guitars, but he says "about 50 plus went under water." As the months have gone on, the ‘Put You in a Song’ singer has had the best guitar guy in Nashville fixing them, Joe Glaser from Glaser Instruments.

In that flooded warehouse where he had stored much of his equipment, one guitar wasn't affected as badly as the others. He tells GAC that it was one which use to be owned by Waylon Jennings, and that it was given to him by his wife, Nicole Kidman. "It’s a hallowed piece to play. As a country artist, the history of it -- it’s a holy grail. It’s a magical piece," Urban says.

Urban reveals that as a child, he used to run away from his music teacher. He says, "I was actually a member of this theater group when I was 7 that used to do performances at the local shopping center. I finally got let go from this theater group and I remember my parents getting sent a letter from the director of the organization saying, ‘Until Keith can learn discipline, we won’t be requiring him back.'"

Their loss was our great gain!