When he was 24, Keith Urban gave himself a tattoo as a birthday present. It is the eagle on his left shoulder blade, and when he says he "gave it to himself," he doesn't mean he engaged in the old "stick and poke" routine! Rather, he got the tattoo for symbolic reasons, as most people do and had it etched on his skin as gift to himself.

Urban revealed, "I was in America, spending time here and I was single. I thought,' Gosh, it's my birthday. I should give myself a cool gift.'"

The cool gift of the eagle ink seemed "perfect" for the singer, since the bird is iconic and symbolic of American freedom and would accompany the singer on all of his journeys for the rest of this life. How poignant! Since he was single at the time, he could do whatever he wanted and enjoy life as a bachelor in America with a dream.

The golden rule of tattooing is to get something that you want to carry with you for the rest of your life since it's, you know, permanent. It certainly looks like Keith Urban followed that rule.

Watch Keith Urban Reveal the Meaning Behind His Eagle Tattoo