Today, Keith Urban stopped by 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' for a performance and a mini interview. The Aussie performed his love song 'Without You' and then sat down with Ellen to discuss being a father. Apparently, his 2-year-old daughter, Sunday Rose, "sings all of the time" and even performed a little ditty for Ellen during rehearsals!

Urban shared a funny story with Ellen about Sunday Rose and her curiosity for music. Urban recalled, "We were in the car yesterday, and we're driving along and she's sitting in the back -- the radio's down low -- and she said, 'Why you say 'Hey?'' I said, 'I didn't say 'Hey.' And she said, 'No, the man on the radio said 'Hey.'' And I turn it up and it's James Brown and he's like [screams like James Brown] 'Hey!'"

After joining the crowd in laughing at his spot-on impression, Urban explained that he was stumped by his daughter's question. He told Ellen, "I couldn't explain why he said 'Hey.' It just sounds good."

The country singer also spoke about the newest addition the Urban/Kidman clan, baby daughter Faith Margaret, who was delivered via surrogate a few months ago. Ellen asked why and how Urban and his superstar wife kept the pregnancy a secret, and Urban responded, "We were amazed that we kept it a secret too. It's a hard thing when you're having a child. It's very exciting."

"But we really wanted it to be an enjoyable experience for us as well," Urban continued. "Sometimes that invasiveness can take away some of that, so we felt it better to just keep it sacred."

In recent news, Urban's song 'Better Life' is being featured on the album 'Songs for Japan,' which will donate all proceeds to the relief efforts in Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Urban will also be performing at the ACM Awards telecast on April 3, in addition to being nominated for Entertainer of the Year and Top Male Vocalist of the Year.

Watch Keith Urban Perform 'Without You' on 'Ellen'