Keith Urban and Eric Church's collaboration video for "Raise 'Em Up" is a beautiful visual, and now the two singers are taking us behind the scenes of the filming. The new clip shows what went into the making of the music video.

In the clip, Urban is seen in a dimly lit room playing his guitar — much like the video. It shows the cameras preparing to shoot the two men, and also allows fans to see that Urban and Church had a lot of say in the "Raise 'Em Up" video — Urban is actively speaking to the director and watching the framing of the shots. He provides input and ideas to the director, clearly wanting to make the video the best he can. Urban also opens up about the song and why he chose it.

"Well I got sent this song, 'Raise 'Em Up,' and it was just one of those songs that was magical for me," he says. "The second I heard it, it just really, really went in and I could feel it. And the song's not written as a duet, but I've known Eric for a couple of years, and I was really hoping I would find something we could do together on this record."

Urban says it was the second verse that helped him realize it was the perfect song to do alongside Church.

"When he sent it to me, what I was floored with is it felt like I'd written it," Church explains. "I was blown away. It was a hit. It was a big song and I was honored to sing on it."

We're pretty glad the collaboration came about. Watch the video above to go behind the scenes with the two singers for the filming of "Raise 'Em Up," and catch Urban this summer performing at fairs and festivals, including headlining slots at the Taste of Country Music Festival and Country Jam in June.

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