Keith Urban has two daughters at home with wife Nicole Kidman -- including newborn Faith Margaret, who was conceived via a gestational carrier -- so the superstar purposely structures his tour so that he's never away from his girls for more than a handful of days at a time.

While chatting with WYCD during the station rounds of ACM Awards interviews sponsored by the Ram truck brand, Urban talked about kicking off his world tour in Australia, which will take him across several continents and through October.

That's a lot of travel, but Urban said that his family will come out on the road a little bit -- and he also revealed that "I structure the tour so I am only out for a few days. I come home for a couple days, then go back out. It's back and forth and a lot of flying, but it's also a lot of time with family, which is more important."

Keith Urban certainly has his priorities straight, and Kidman, Faith and Sunday Rose - who is almost 3 -- are lucky ladies to have such a committed and caring husband and father who can't stand to be away from them for more than a few days.