This morning, Keith Urban stopped by the set of 'Good Morning America' in New York City's Times Square. The Aussie country star, who looked casual and comfy in a blue and black striped thermal and jeans, performed a two-song set for the morning talk show's Winter Concert Series.

Urban kicked off his set with a performance of his sexy, playful song 'You Look Good in My Shirt.' With a full backing band in tow, Urban sang, "When you walked up behind me and covered my eyes / And whispered in my ear, guess who / I rattled off names like I really didn’t know / But all along I knew it was you." Urban also showed off his amazing guitar skills by playing some rousing solos.

After his first song, Urban had a candid chat with 'GMA' co-host, George Stephanopoulos. Stephanopoulos first asked about Urban's wife, Nicole Kidman, being a fan of pop singer Katy Perry. Urban is, surprisingly, a fan of the singer himself! He replied, "We love that song ['Teenage Dream']. It's an addictive song."

Urban was then asked about his baby daughter, Faith, and whether or not he has been able to get any sleep yet. "She’s got some good stretches, so hopefully we will get her through the night," Urban said. Urban also hopes that his daughters do not feel pressure to follow their parent's career paths in acting and music, saying that he hopes they pursue any dream that they have. "Whatever their heart is. You know, whatever it is they want to do. It’s just about support," Urban said, speaking in a true fatherly fashion.

Urban, who won a Grammy this past Sunday for Best Male Country Performance, went on to talk about his new album, 'Get Closer,' and the meaning behind the title: "It’s really just about getting closer, whatever that means to everybody that listens to it -- in our relationships and in our life, and to not be as fearful about getting closer." Urban also discussed his song 'Without You,' saying, "It definitely is the most autobiographical song I didn’t write. It sums [my life] up pretty well."

Urban went on to give an intimate performance of his song 'Without You.' With lyrics like "This life, this love that you and I have been dreaming of for so long / It’d all be as good as gone, without you," we can't help but think that this song is a translation of the deep love Urban has for his wife. Keith Urban will be on hitting the road later this year with Jake Owen on his 2011 Get Closer Tour, which kicks off May 16 in Biloxi, Miss.

Watch Keith Urban Perform 'You Look Good in My Shirt' on 'Good Morning America'