Keith Urban admits he's a homework hater. So when he saw a chance to save a classroom full of fourth graders from the torture of late-night grammar, mathematics and social studies, he made the most of it.

A teacher in Putman County, Tenn. says she brought a sign to a recent Urban concert reading: "I told my class no more homework for the rest of the year if I got my picture made with you.” Urban saw Patty Sloan's sign and invited her onstage and, according to The Tennessean, held up his end of the bargain.

"There is no way I ever would have made that sign and Keith be that generous and genuine and me not [follow though],” Sloan says. “Thank God I’m tenured.” According to the Putman County Schools website, the first day of class was just one month ago, so that's one heck of a great deal for her class full of 10 and 11-year-olds.

“It cannot be put into words how much I’ve dreamed of that moment,” Sloan continues. “He literally made my dream come true. And that’s what I told my kids on Monday, that if it’s your dream to be a Tennessean Titan ... don’t let anything stop you.”

The generous act was Urban's second in Knoxville that day. Earlier, he was on hand to present a local woman the keys to a Habitat for Humanity house.