Keith Urban knows how to make a woman feel good ... without getting in trouble with his wife, Nicole Kidman. On at least two occasions on his Get Closer Tour, the 'Without You' hitmaker has pinpointed bachelorette parties in the audience and invited the soon-to-be married ladies to the stage.

In the videos below, one from his concert in Kansas City, Mo. and one from Augusta, Ga., Urban sees groups of women enjoying bachelorette parties, and he just can't help but get in on the fun. "That's beautiful, baby. Happy love and marriage… Happy life," the singer tells one girl, who is understandably starstruck as she takes the stage and tells him that she's tying the knot on September 19. "Brandy's last fling before the ring!" Urban tells the audience, which results in a uniform laugh.

In the second video, from a Georgia concert a week earlier, Urban notices some very intoxicated ladies holding up a big sign. "This is your bachelorette party right here? And it says give me a hug," Urban asks, reading their sign. "You bet, come on." Within seconds, Kristen comes to the stage to give her favorite musician a hug. "I've been wanting to meet you forever!" she says into the mic, to which Urban quickly responds, "Well, apparently there's somebody else in your life!"

Keith Urban's 2011 Get Closer Tour wraps in Minneapolis, Minn. on October 15.

Watch Keith Urban Bring a Bachelorette Onstage in Kansas City

Watch Keith Urban Bring a Bachelorette Onstage in Augusta