It's nothing new to hear of a country star bringing a special guest onstage to help with a song -- in fact, it happens all the time. But sometimes said stars pull adorable little girls out of the audience to help them finish out their set at the Opry, and that's an entirely different story. At his sold-out Grand Ole Opry show on Friday (March 9), Keith Urban did just that, adding a giant dose of adorable to the end of his performance.

After singing through his hit 'Kiss A Girl,' Urban got the audience to sing along, then taking it a step beyond that. "You sound pretty good, Opry," he observed in the video clip below. "How many people in here would love to sing in the Opry? Actually come up on this stage and sing in the Opry? Do you know the song? Yes?” Then, he selected three people to join him on the iconic stage.

After bringing up a girl and a guy who looked to be between 18 and 25, Urban helped one pint-sized little girl, about 6, onto the stage to help him sing. He gave each person a chance to perform solo on the chorus of 'Kiss A Girl,' which ended up feeling a bit like an 'American Idol' audition but with a way more supportive audience. Saving the best for last, Urban let the youngest, a little Arkansas native named Dakota, take a shot at the chorus.

Though the girl hardly did more than open her mouth and probably only said two words while humming the rest, the audience went wild for her and Urban couldn't hide in his smile the fact that he's a dad to two daughters. The singer gave the audience a chance to pick their favorite of the three, and while we would never spoil the ending, you just might be able to guess who took the cake.

Watch Keith Urban Perform with a Little Girl Onstage at the Opry