Keith Urban has one of the best heads of hair in country music. There is never a hair out of place, even when is totally ensconced in what he is doing onstage. He also never fails to turn in a stellar performance, and tonight's rendition of 'Long Hot Summer' on the 2011 CMT Awards was no different than what we normally expect from Nicole Kidman's husband and baby daddy.

While much of the country is suffering through an oppressive heat wave over the past two days, Urban's top-down, celebratory anthem makes us wish the summer would never end, no matter how high the mercury rises and no matter how soggy the air gets, thanks to humidity, as long as we're with the person we love.

When Urban knuckles down on his guitar and sings his romantic lyrics about "looking into your eyes," it's obvious why the ladies love him. He plays country music like he was born and raised in Nashville, instead of moving there from Australia.

His 2011 CMT Awards performance was one of the night's most refreshing.