Keith Urban's video for 'Long Hot Summer' celebrates all the hallmarks of a good summer: surf, sand, sea, sun and the open road. The video is so effective in bringing all these things to life that it will make you want to take an emergency sick day and cruise right over to your local beach spot.

The video features footage of Urban and his band performing on the beach, wind in his hair, amps on the sand, water in the background. Dream location, right? The amps look a little out of place, but still cool. This footage is spliced with two other narratives, which eventually collide.

There are two lovely ladies who hop in a classic baby blue convertible, leaving the concrete jungle that is the city behind for a little road trip.

There's nothing more "summer" than the beach and a road trip, right? There are shots of Urban, singing with a smile, mixed with footage of the ladies with their feet on the dash, their hair blowing while the top is down, turning the dial on the radio which they are no doubt cranking, and looking all dreamy while absorbing the sites and sounds that constitute roadside Americana.

We then "meet" a pair of shirtless, hard-bodied surfers who are riding waves and enjoying life, and you just know that their paths are going to cross with the ladies. And of course, they do.

A little summer romance is in the air as the foursome embrace each other and enjoy the beach. How romantic. As summer winds down, this video will make you miss the long, hot days that are slowly fading into the rear view. The final shot of Urban's amp being splashed by waves is another sign that summer is beginning to give up her fight as fall looms large.

Watch the Keith Urban 'Long Hot Summer' Video