Like fellow country star Taylor Swift, who performs crowd-pleasing covers by regional artists during each of her Speak Now tour stops, the always well-coiffed Keith Urban indulged the locals in Lafayette, Louisiana recently with his cover of Mel McDaniel's 1981 hit 'Louisiana Saturday Night.' Urban performed the song upon request, though!

In the clip, Urban is seated in front of a mic in an intimate setting, surrounded by a gathering of fans. Since he was in southeast Louisiana, which is a hotbed of styles like Cajun and Zydeco music, the singer/guitarist was asked if he knows any Cajun songs, to which he admitted that he does not. At least he is honest, right? However, Urban is then asked if he knows 'Louisiana Saturday Night' and he immediately perks up, proudly declaring that he can play it back to front. That's more like it!

The clip then cuts to Urban with his guitar as he plays the tune naturally, as if it were one of his originals. So Urban was able to curry even more favor with his already adoring fans by performing a song upon request, and one that represents local culture.

It's fun to watch Urban play the song and lace it with his signature style.