Keith Urban's A-list actress wife, Nicole Kidman, made a pit stop on 'Sesame Street' recently to do a guest appearance, bringing with her the couple's 3-year-old daughter, Sunday Rose, who is apparently a huge fan of the show. While on set, little Sunday had lots of questions about the puppets, which she believes to be real.

"My daughter's here on the set and she asked, 'Does he smell?'" Kidman recanted, before sniffing Oscar the Grouch and confirming that he does indeed smell badly. In a new video interview with Access Hollywood, the actress took cameras behind-the-scenes of her 'Sesame Street' appearance to give some insight into what the experience was like for her and her daughter.

Kidman was on hand to help teach young viewers the word of the day -- 'stubborn' -- which was perfectly executed with help from a certain stubborn green monster in a trashcan. In between takes, the proud entertainer mother doted on Sunday, who was apparently beyond herself to be on the famous street with mom. "She thinks they're all real. She loves Abby and Zoe -- and Elmo," Kidman revealed. "Sorry, Oscar."

While his wife has been making her rounds to children's television programs, we assume Urban has been at home resting his throat for his handful of upcoming 2012 concert dates.

Watch Nicole Kidman Talk Sunday Rose and 'Sesame Street' on 'Access Hollywood'