Keith Urban is excited to not have to travel very far to visit with his wife Nicole Kidman while she works on her next project, a suspense film called 'Stoker' co-starring Matthew Goode. The movie is being filmed in Nashville, making Kidman's daily commute a short one and allowing her to stay close to Urban and their two young daughters.

Urban tells The Tennessean that his actress-wife has been trying to bring a movie to Music City for quite a while. “Obviously, a) this is where she lives and it’s easier than having to uproot the kids and everything. And b) it’s a great place for people to come and spend a couple of months shooting a film, and there’s such a great infrastructure here for that,” he says.

Kidman's last two films, 'Just Go With It' and 'Rabbit Hole,' were filmed in Hawaii and New York City respectively, but the actress has had to travel as far as Austrailia to work during her marriage to Urban. The pair say they work out their schedules so they never spend more than a few days apart, something that's no doubt a tall task for the couple who just celebrated five years together last month.

Urban will take the Get Closer Tour to Washington D.C., Toledo, Ohio, and Ft. Wayne, Ind. this weekend. According to IMDB, 'Stoker' is scheduled to be released in 2012.

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