What can we say? When the DIY-laced, fashion-forward, recipe-stocked pin craze of Pinterest began, we never thought we'd be reporting that male country music stars would be getting in on the action. But Pinterest has taken on a new role of late, serving as just another social media outlet where artists can do what has become so vital these days: connect with their fans. Perhaps this is why New-Zealand born Aussie Keith Urban just added his name to the list of pinners you can follow with his new Pinterest page.

Whether or not Urban is himself sitting at his laptop pinning all his favorite things to virtual boards has yet to be seen, but whatever the case, his Pinterest page (still getting used to saying that) is pretty chock full. At the same time, it's not full of the typical boards like 'My Dream Date or 'Cutest Outfits' or 'DIY Kitchen Ideas.'

On Urban's page, you'll find photos of him, official videos, song lyrics, pins from friends, events, albums, merch and the like. It's essentially one-stop shopping for fans who use Pinterest. He does get a little more personal with his board titled 'It's a Love Thing,' which boasts the subtitle 'Just a few things Keith's loving at the moment!' On this board, you'll find Flo Rida's 'Good Feeling,' the Civil Wars, Nicole Kidman (surprise!), the book 'The Night Circus' and Old Booth App, featuring a photo where Urban Old Boothed himself.

Though the country great has only had time to start following four other pinners, he has a whopping 1,590 following him, and that number is literally rising by the second. As the Pinterest craze has spread like wildfire, we've seen bands begin to latch onto the new idea. It's a great way to connect with fans, and, hey, at this rate it might not be long before we start seeing other male acts follow suit. While we can't quite picture Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean pinning their absolute faves to virtual boards, we'll just have to wait and see.