Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman tried to stem sibling rivalry by easing their oldest daughter Sunday Rose into the big sister roll before bringing home baby Faith Margaret. "We wanted her to feel a part of that, even before Faith was here," Urban told the Q-Morning Crew on WQDR. "And for her to understand why she was moving out of this room, into this bigger room, and just sort of gravitate toward the big sister roll."

Urban and Kidman brought home their newest arrival last December. Faith Margaret, who was born via surrogate, joins the almost 3-year-old Sunday Rose in the happy household. "When we brought Faith home, we brought a cookie," Urban shares. "We got good advice about that, you see the new baby brings an offering for the already established child, there is some civility in the camp. That didn't last really long. But it was a good idea [laughs]."

Urban also spoke about his Get Closer world tour, which kicks off on June 17 in Jacksonville, Fla. He revealed that planning his show involves a long look back in time to concerts he's attended as a fan. "The concerts I've always loved going to is when I felt I was part of this thing that was happening, and it wasn't just me and them, it was just us,"  Urban explains. When he's able to duplicate that feeling, he knows it's been a good night.

"There's a point, I guess now, where a lot of those songs, everybody knows them. It is a kind of a real divine moment to hear everybody singing ... it's magical." Urban is never away from home for long, however. He says he structures the tour around family, not vice versa.

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