If you live in Nashville, you can't set foot in a restaurant, bar, retailer or even a church without meeting a slew of aspiring songwriters. Everyone wants to know what it takes to get a hit song and just how to go about writing one. Well aware of this fact, Nashville resident and country superstar Keith Urban offered his two cents to songwriters in this recently released clip from his 2011 tour.

Between B-roll of Urban commanding the stage in Calgary is a clip of him sitting and reflecting on his advice for songwriters, many of whom are just itching to get a song into his hands. Urban's first piece of advice for anyone wanting to write specifically country songs is to get to Nashville, adding that it's a city with a great writing community. But he doesn't stop there. Once a writer is in Nashville, he suggests they take advantage of the local opportunities.

"I mean, for me I think that the easiest, best way is to go to the writers nights," he explains. "And go to a place like the Bluebird. There’s plenty of writing nights in different places around town, and you can meet other writers.  I think that collaborative process is very good, too, for getting to learn more about your craft but also getting to meet other writers. And that helps start networking, and you meet more people and before you know it you’re pitching me a song.”

This video was taken before Urban's recent throat surgery, in which doctors removed a polyp from his vocal cord, resulting in more than three weeks of strict vocal rest. Thankfully, though, the Grammy Award winning performer underwent a successful surgery and can warm up his vocal cords for his recently announced string of 2012 concert dates.

Watch Keith Urban Give Songwriting Advice