Country superstar Keith Urban and his perfect hair kicked off the Super Bowl pre-game festivities with a hoedown of a live performance this afternoon near Cowboy Stadium in Dallas. Urban, a very appropriate choice considering all the country fans in Texas, ripped through a two-song set, beginning with 'You Gonna Fly' from his new album, 'Get Closer.' His revved up, energy-doused performance caused even more adrenaline to course through the already anxious, excited crowd.

Urban's second song was an equally amped-up rendition of his 2002 hit, 'Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me,' and with a beautiful Oscar-winning wife, two lovely daughters and a plum gig performing before a rowdy, pre-game crowd, being Urban is definitely a pretty good thing.

Prior to his performance, during a red carpet interview, the well-coiffed singer diplomatically said that he was in a bit of "a conundrum" regarding which team to root for, since he has lots of fans in Wisconsin and Pittsburgh. He did say that his assistant, who has been with him for seven years, is a generational "Cheesehead" and that he is looking forward to a "wicked game." He wasn't quoting Chris Isaak, either.