Keith Urban kept it simple for his performance on the 2011 Academy of Country Music Awards show as he performed a stripped down version of his current hit, 'Without You.'

Perched on a barstool playing a nylon string guitar, Urban sang with emotion as black and white images of him on the road and away from the spotlight flickered on the screen behind him.

'Without You' is one of the rare tunes that Urban did not write, but felt the song fit him to a T after hearing it for the first time after fellow singer Emily West brought it to his attention. The song highlights the highs on the road of fame and music, but it also says that it boils down to nothing "without" the loves in his life, which include his wife, Nicole Kidman, and two daughters.

Kidman sat in the front row during Urban's performance, and gave her husband an adoring smile as he acknowledged her with a gentle nod during the crowd's applause after he finished the tender song.