Life on the road -- i.e. private planes, tour buses, equipment caravans, endless lines of fans holding signs, those same fans clamoring for autographs, packed crowds and low-key rehearsals -- is at the heart of Keith Urban's new video for 'You Gonna Fly.' So are the lyrics to the song.

This isn't just another behind-the-scenes look at the life and times of a touring musician, however. Urban takes things a step further by using these sign posts as places to put the lyrics. Even though the Down Under singer has been sidelined by vocal cord surgery, we know him best for his onstage prowess, and this video certainly reminds us what we're missing while we wait for his return.

That said, several items in the video, like the concert ticket, road cases, T-shirts, signs and promotional posters, boast the lyrics and lyrical phrases from the song, which is a clever convention that ups the ante of this video. It'll have you watching two or three times to see if certain phrases were posted on certain items for a reason or if there were things you missed during the first viewing.

Urban and the director certainly made a common video treatment uncommon with their use of the lyrics! Who knows, maybe this will inspire Urbanites to write lyrics to his songs on their person or on items they bring to his shows moving forward.

Watch the Keith Urban 'You Gonna Fly' Video