Keith Urban's 'Somewhere in My Car' music video isn't out just yet, but the Australian singer is teasing fans with a clip ... and it's hot. Like, definitely don't watch this at work unless you want to get in trouble hot.

The snippet shows a beautiful couple in the backseat (and front seat) of a car. They're getting hot and heavy, steaming the windows up while the rain comes down around them, and we all know where things are headed. Eventually, they move the sexy makeout session into the rain, getting down and dirty on the car before the guy lifts the girl a la 'The Notebook.'

The clip ends with the video vixen starting to slip off her camisole, the camera stopping just before we see a little too much. The words 'Somewhere in My Car' are written on the foggy window, and Urban appears with his electric guitar, surrounded by flames. Models Jehane Paris and Rodrigo Calazans play the lead parts in the 'Somewhere in My Car' video, which debuts Thursday (Sept. 25).

The forthcoming video is already being called Urban's most provocative yet, and the singer explains just why they went that route.

“The story (of 'Somewhere in My Car') is what I would call melancholy,” he explains in a release. "So for me, the video had to be centered around the present and the past, but focused on the intoxicating emotion of ‘those nights’. John [Urbano] captured it brilliantly."

"It's usually spontaneous, raw, intense," Urban tells People. "And even the sense of being suddenly interrupted by someone adds to the adrenaline rush. Who needs a cigarette?"

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