We're pretty sure Kellie Pickler wasn't predicting what was to come when Ellen DeGeneres asked her to appear on her talk show. The singer thought she was stopping by 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' this afternoon to talk about her wedding and to show DeGeneres some of her wedding photos; however, Pickler had no idea what she was about to get herself into.

The interview kicked off with the adorable Pickler discussing her secret wedding in Jumby Bay to her husband, songwriter Kyle Jacobs. Although Pickler had made plans for a larger wedding, she and Jacobs opted out of this decision at the last minute. "We were almost finished with the wedding planning -- we had already done the cake and the flowers and all that," Pickler said. "[But] every time we got to the guest list it was like, 'Oh my God! I hate half of these people,' but you gotta! Nothing personal!"

Pickler then showed DeGeneres some of the photos from herJ an. 1 wedding, one of which was taken right next to the ocean. Upon seeing this picture, Pickler joked, "Kyle got a little nervous, see -- his pants are wet at the bottom."

"It was perfect because we didn’t plan anything," Pickler said, all kidding aside. "All we did was I packed the wedding dress, we packed him an outfit and we flew there. We didn’t know what kind of cake we were gonna get, we didn’t have our food picked out -- we totally just put faith in God that it was gonna work out, and it did. It was the most incredible day of my life."

However, the always hilarious Pickler couldn't stay serious for too long. When asked about the inscription she had engraved on her husband's wedding band, Pickler said, "I put our wedding anniversary, 1/1/11, and then I [wrote], 'Put it back on.' If he takes it off and looks at it, it’s gonna say 'Put it back on!'"

The last time Pickler appeared on 'Ellen,' she had the exciting chance to meet her idol, Clint Eastwood. So when DeGeneres announced that she had a wedding gift for Pickler, it was only appropiate that it was a bed adorned with pictures of her and Eastwood.

DeGeneres finished off the interview by asking her friend Pickler if she had had a bachelorette party or not. Pickler admitted, "I didn’t. I don’t know, I’m not really the bachelorette kind of girl," to which DeGeneres replied, "Yes you are. You should have one now!"

With that, party music started blasting and three shirtless,= male dancers came onstage. They gave Pickler a sash and a crown and put a candy necklace on her. Pickler laughed, blushed and yelled, "My husband is backstage!" as the three men danced on her and ate candy pieces from her necklace. Although she seemed a bit embarrassed, Pickler doesn't have to worry about her hubby getting upset. After all, she did kiss Clint Eastwood right on the mouth and sat on his lap that last time she was interviewed on 'Ellen'!

Watch Kellie Pickler Talk About Her Wedding on 'Ellen'