Kellie Pickler is making her acting debut on '90210' this season, and the singer appeared on 'The Ellen DeGeneres' show to promote all that's going on in her life. She was country cute, offering up her exaggerated impressions of both her own southern accent, as well as Minnesota accents, since her husband Kyle Jacobs is a Minnesotan. Or, "Minnesooooootan," as Pickler intoned.

Pickler is in her first year of marriage. She told Ellen, "We're still together and it's really great. We make it work. He's a songwriter so he gets to come on the road with me, since he can write anywhere. He's backstage actually." Pickler said that she and her husband spend a lot of time together, which most musical couples don't get to do, given the rigors of career life and touring. Lucky them!

Ellen also cut to footage of her sneaking up on Pickler backstage, startling the singer, who let out a shriek.

Pickler also enjoyed a makeshift "spa treatment," courtesy of her pal Ellen. Food-based treatments are all the rage in high-end spas, and Pickler was sorta treated to one of those. She was cloaked in a plush, white robe, with her hair pulled back and cucumbers on her eyes, along with a chocolate cherry mask on her face. It didn't appear very relaxing, since millions of people were viewing a treatment that is normally private. She also turned into a human s'more. Watch, and you'll see ... and laugh!

Pickler later performed her new single, 'Tough.'

Watch Kellie Pickler's Spa Treatment

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Watch Kellie Pickler Perform 'Tough'

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