Kellie Pickler is loved and adored by many in the country music industry because of her amazing voice, radiant smile and heart of gold. If the 25-year-old seems to be glowing a bit more than usual these days, you can attribute it to her recent walk down the aisle with songwriter Kyle Jacobs.

The beautiful blond is back on country radio with her new single, 'Tough,' which is the first release from her forthcoming third album on Sony, slated for release later this fall.

As Pickler wraps up work in the studio on the highly anticipated album, Taste of Country caught up with the singer to ask her about some of her favorite things in life, including her husband, animals and much more.

What is your favorite way to spend a date night with Kyle when you're off the road?
Honestly, we're very big homebodies. I guess my favorite place for us to be is at home and on our front porch in our rocking chairs.

What is your favorite time of day?
I guess it just depends. I kind of like sleeping ... when I do sleep! I know that doesn't sound very good, but I have really bad problems falling asleep. I was up until 4 o'clock this morning cleaning! I couldn't sleep, so I just get up and start doing something that will maybe tire me out.

Do you ever play Words With Friends or other apps on your phone to unwind?
Oh Lord, yes! I've kind of got addicted to this stupid game ... it's called 'Angry Birds,' and I sit here and play this for hours. And have you seen 'Fruit Ninja'? Is so ridiculous. I feel like an idiot. I'll sit there and slice away like I am a ninja. I'm not a very good ninja but I try [laughs]!

What do you always carry in your purse?
I'm not very interesting. Nobody would want to dig through my bag. There's nothing spectacular in there. There's my passport. I take my passport with me everywhere. I never know when I'm going to need it, so I just take it everywhere. You never know when I'm going to be in trouble with the law and have to haul a--- [laughs]!

What do you always keep in your refrigerator, either on the bus or at home?
I'm on this really big vitamin thing called Vemma, and I have to have it everywhere. I take it every day. They have a website where you can purchase it through if you've never heard of it. It's more of a vitamin supplement. It gives you all of your iron and potassium ... all of the vitamins and nutrients that you need. My fridge is always stocked with those little Vemma shots and Vemma energy drinks.

What is your lucky charm?
I don't guess I really have one. I guess my puppies. I take them everywhere. The two small dogs travel with me on the road.

What makes you feel the sexiest?
I really don't know when I've felt sexy. I guess Kyle makes me feel beautiful. He always tells me I'm beautiful, and he makes me feel my best I guess when I'm with him.

What is your favorite article of clothing?
Pajamas! I love sweatpants, and I love big T-shirts. I’m definitely not a fashionista by any means. It's funny because when people normally see me, it's at an event or something like that where there is a red carpet, and I wear the dresses, the jewelry, the fancy shoes and all that stuff, but that's only for the red carpet. I don't wear that s---- around town, you know? I don't wear that at the house when I'm cleaning or cooking. I'm very much a Target girl. All I wear offstage when I'm not working or if I'm not clocked in is comfortable clothes. You'd never ever recognize me. I don't put on a show every time I go outside.

Where could you spend hours of your day?
Target! I get in there, and I get lost in my own little world.

What is a weakness of yours?
My weakness in animals. I can't turn anything away. Even if we don't have room. Even if it's just unbearable while they're here, I just can't not keep them here [laughs]. Kyle never knows what I'm going to bring in the door. We've found baby raccoons and snakes and all kinds of stuff and he says, "OK, we've got to draw the line somewhere," and I say, "No, I can't!"

Besides Clint Eastwood, who is your celebrity crush?
As of right now nothing comes to mind. I met Clint Eastwood so I'm good for right now [laughs]!