Kellie Pickler and her husband, Kyle Jacobs, recently stopped by daytime talk show The Real to discuss their new reality show I Love Kellie Pickler and how they met.

"I think I came up to you, didn't I?" Pickler asks her husband. "What had happened was, I was out with a friend of ours. We had mutual friends, Chris and Amy, great songwriters in Nashville. I look across the room and I see this guy, Kyle; I didn't know who he was or what he did, and we just locked eyes and I went, 'I gotta know everything about this person.'"

Pickler says her friend Amy knew Jacobs, and introduced the two.

"So we ended up sitting with him and his buddies, and we got lost in conversation and everybody else disappeared," Pickler recalls. "We started writing songs the next day and then we got hitched a few years later."

So how did Jacobs feel the first time he met Pickler?

"Honestly when I first saw her I thought to myself, 'That is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life.'"

During their appearance, Pickler and Jacobs recall their most memorable date — which involved a hot air balloon mishap — as well as the success of their new CMT reality show. I Love Kellie Pickler debuted last week on CMT, and quickly became CMT's highest-rated series premiere with women since 2008. Pickler shares her thoughts on the success of the show.

"We take a lot of pride in the company we keep. We have some good people in our life," she explains. "We have great friends and they're just real and they love to laugh and they love to love. We have this chemistry naturally, because we love each other. People need to laugh and they need to love. People laugh and have a good time. You walk in and people are dancing."

I Love Kellie Pickler airs on Thursdays at 10PM ET/PT on CMT.

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