The more she tweets about the pit bull she rescued over the holiday weekend, the more we like Kellie Pickler. The singer clearly has a soft spot for dogs, and her animal friendly ways are inspiring.

Pickler tweeted a new update about Chunk, the chocolate-hued pit bull she took under her wing after she found him suffering from a snake bite and other injuries. Pickler posted this news: "Chunk got neutered he's giving me the 'where'd they go' look." The pic of Chunk, posted above, is adorable and it appears that the pup is thriving in his new environment. It's in his best interest to be neutered, so big ups to Pickler for her responsible pet ownership.

The singer can't stop tweeting about her furry, four-legged friends. She even shared a photo of one of her other pups, writing , "Look how dang cute MooMoo is...he was my first love."

Anyone who owns dogs can relate to Pickler's unabashed and unconditional love for her pups! We hope that Chunk gets along with all of her other pets and that the Picklers have a happy, dog-filled home.

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