Kellie Pickler always carries herself in a graceful light, looking the part of a gorgeous star wherever she goes. What some may not realize is that when she's strutting her stuff down the red carpet in her sexy gowns and blowing kisses to the cameras, she has one thing on her mind ... falling!

"Honestly, I really despise doing red carpets. I get so nervous because I don’t like walking on carpet in heels," Pickler reveals to Taste of Country with laughter. "I like to do barefoot on carpet. It’s really weird. I always feel like I’m going to fall and bust my face open!"

But the stiletto heels are not the issue. "I walk great in heels -- I walk better in heels than I do flats, but just not on carpet," she insists.

Luckily for Pickler, she doesn't have to worry about wearing those heels on the red carpet until April 3 when the Academy of Country Music Awards take place in Las Vegas. Until then, fans can log onto iTunes to check out Pickler's recent wedding video with husband and Nashville songwriter Kyle Jacobs, which she made available last week.