Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, Kellie Pickler took in yet another rescue animal: a chocolate pit bull she named Chunk. Pickler helped nurse the pup back into healthy condition and got him neutered in the recent weeks.

Now that he is happy and healthy, Pickler is looking to find Chunk a good home, as she and her husband Kyle already have a fair amount of pets in their household!

"Chunk was in a not so good situation, and so we just took him in until we find him a good home," Pickler tells Taste of Country. "It's not a permanent thing, but he is living with us right now. We've kind of adopted him into the family until further notice, but it's definitely not permanent."

Pickler has made rescuing animals somewhat of a regular thing. "We take in animals all the time, but we can't keep them all," Pickler says. "We take them out of the bad situation that they're in and take care of them until we can find them a good place."

"I can't turn [animals] away," Pickler continues. "Even if we don't have room. Even if it's just unbearable while they're here, I just can't not keep them here [laughs]. Kyle never knows what I'm going to bring in the door. We've found baby raccoons and snakes and all kinds of stuff and he says, 'OK, we've got to draw the line somewhere,' and I say, 'No, I can't!' [laughs].

Since bringing Chunk into the mix, Pickler has grown attached with the pup, as have her other dogs.

"We've been blessed with him," she says with a smile. "He's so good. He's really a great dog. So sweet. He's a baby, but he's not little, though. He's a big pit, but he's not aggressive at all. He's very, very sweet."