Kellie Pickler might just be one of the billions of people globally who will be tuned in tomorrow for the festivities surrounding the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are to marry at about 5:30 ET tomorrow morning, April 29. Pickler, who married songwriter Kyle Jacobs on New Years Day, is a newlywed herself, but her wedding was on a much different scale than the royal wedding will be -- and she admits that she wouldn't do well with all the exposure herself.

"I gotta tell ya, I feel so sorry for them," she tells Country Vibe. "I feel so sorry that on the most important, most beautiful day of their life it has to be just an open book to the whole world. I mean, they deserve to have their intimate ceremony with their loved ones, and it’s so sad that they get stalked by the paparazzi and the media the way they do. I couldn't imagine."

Well aware of what it is like to live under the eye of the public, the country star adds, "I know what it’s like on my end, and it’s not even in comparison to what they have to go through. I couldn’t imagine not being able to run away and marry my best friend."

Karen Fairchild from Little Big Town will be watching what is happening in Britain tomorrow, too, as she is especially interested in what Middleton's wedding dress will look like. "It’s so interesting the choices that she’s making fashion-wise, and I’m kind of a fashion junkie," says Fairchild. "So watching her, I think, almost mimic Diana ... you know, the royal blue announcement dress that she wore -- everybody went crazy and wanted that dress. I can’t wait to see what she wears at the wedding 'cause she’s making really classy choices. So yeah, I’m watching."

Pickler's view on marriage remains a bit more serious, though. She says, "You’re making a covenant with God, and it’s about you and your groom or your bride and God, and that’s it, and it’s such a shame that people will not give them their privacy. They’re [the media and public] more concerned with what the hell she’s wearing than the fact that she’s getting ready to marry her best friend, and I just think it’s so sad that people do not respect them and give them their privacy in that sacred moment."