Kellie Pickler is doing her best to keep up with commitments in advance of her new album '100 Proof,' which is set to hit stores next Tuesday (Jan. 24). The 25-year-old country singer is fighting off some sort of bug, but is pushing forward nonetheless.

"Sick is not a good feeling when I have a photo shoot today...wonder if they can photoshop a smile on my face," Pickler tweeted on Monday. It's difficult to believe the almost always-smiley singer would need help flashing a smirk at the very least, if not a full ear-to-ear grin.

After pushing a number of media appointments to later in the week, Pickler tweeted about a potential elixir for her illness. "Spoke w/Gpa Pickler & he says moonshine/honey/lemon will help. Cheers to feeling' better OR feeling' nothing at all," she wrote, including a picture of an upside down bottle of honey and a mason jar half-full of alcohol.

"Canceled interviews 2day b/c I'm sick. I swear I look like Linda Blair from The Exorcist right now; if my heads starts spinning' I'm f*****!" she added on Tuesday night.

At least she's keeping a good sense of humor during her time of need. '100 Proof,' featuring the songs 'Tough' and 'Stop Cheating on Me,' is Pickler's third studio album and the first since her self-titled album in 2008.