Kellie Pickler rips a page out of Miranda Lambert's rough-around-the-edges playbook in her new video for 'Tough.' Clad in a white tank, ripped jeans and layers of necklaces, Pickler cuts a strong and independent -- yet still feminine -- figure as she walks down a hallway and sings with a bit of a scowl on her pretty face.

Footage of Pickler walking and singing is spliced with the plot shots of a man being arrested in his house, while his young blond daughter looks on in fear. The implication is that he might be innocent as he is hauled off by the authorities. But it's never determined why he is being cuffed.

The action fast forwards and the little girl is all grown up, visiting her daddy in jail, holding an aged photo of them and pressing it up against the glass that separates them. It's a touching, heartbreaking moment, regardless of the back story.

When Pickler sings, "Ain't nothing wrong with a woman that's got a little backbone," she backs that lyrical declaration up with her physical presence, pointing to her own back and standing tough and tall.

Pickler then walks down the street in broad daylight, singing before engulfing a man in a hug and walking away with him.

Overall, the video positions Pickler as one of country's toughest (and most talented) broads! Don't mess with her.

Watch the Kellie Pickler 'Tough' Video