Newlyweds Kellie Pickler and husband Kyle Jacobs eloped in the Caribbean on New Year's Day in a move that can only be described as utterly romantic and straight out of a fairytale. The romance still blazes for this young, happy and apparently lovey-dovey couple as they continue to enjoy their honeymoon phase. Yesterday, Pickler tweeted that Jacobs surprised her with a picnic and a hot air balloon ride.

Her post read: "Just got home. Kyle had a surprise waiting 4 me, sweet lil picnic in the country then a hot air balloon ride! I'll tweet a pic from the sky!" She said that she felt like they were in the animated movie 'Up.' Pickler even shared a breathtaking photo of the mile-high ride and scenery here.

But it wasn't the smoothest, sweetest balloon ride ever. Pickler admitted that the couple had a bit of a crazy landing in an unlikely place. She wrote: "We just landed in someone's back yard in a tree! But we are ALIVE!" If Pickler landed in our backyard, we would make sure she and her husband were safe ... and then request that she sing a song for our troubles before going off on her merry way!

The ex-'American Idol' contestant enjoys sharing details about married life with her fans. In addition to these tweets, she also sold a clip of her wedding video, which raised some eyebrows at first. But it was not a "TMI" moment, as the video featured Jacobs singing 'Say I Do' to Pickler, and it felt like a way to spread the word about his talents while sharing some of their marital joy.

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