In a recent chat with Access Hollywood, original 'American Idol' Kelly Clarkson -- who has been aligned with the country music genre thanks to 'Don't You Wanna Stay,' her duet with Jason Aldean -- reminisced about how much fun she had as a guest at Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's wedding reception. The wedding was nice and all, but Clarkson said the real fun was had at the reception! As if we would expect anything less when Shelton is involved.

"That reception was freakin' fun. It was the best wedding reception I've ever been to," she admitted, speaking in superlatives. "I'm not the girl who gets excited about the wedding part. I get excited about the reception."

Clarkson said she missed some of the fun antics that took place at the event, since "I was drunk on the dance floor. They are a fun crowd!" Clarkson even revealed that she took her sister as her date to the hoedown.  "We had a good time," she gushed. Clarkson's memories of the event only serve to make us wish we were there, taking in the fun and enjoying the festivities.

In case you are a Clarkson fan, later in this video she goes on to talk about what types of guys she likes to date, comparing the dating pool to the worst contestants on 'Idol.' It's always the least talented that have the most confidence, she mused.

Watch Kelly Clarkson Reminisce About the Wedding Reception