Christmas came a little early this year for Kelly Clarkson, who met her 19-year-old fan Angelica Elias at a meet-and-greet event in Phoenix, Ariz., recently and was asked to sing "Silent Night" with her.

Clarkson, being the kind, down-to-earth country-pop star she is, happily obliged despite the off-season request. What resulted was a touching a capella duet. The star couldn’t help but tear up toward the end, which is understandable considering how sweet Elias and her simple request were. Before singing together, Elias was sure to greet the baby in Clarkson’s tummy after giving the mom-to-be a big hug, says Elias' sister Caroline Elias Joos.

“Hi baby!” Elias exclaimed. “That’s the baby in there! Say hi!” Clarkson replied, and Elias proceeded to blow a kiss to the baby bump, according to E!.

Clarkson recently announced her second pregnancy, somewhat abruptly, at a show in Los Angeles. "I was totally not planning on announcing this, but I’m totally pregnant,” Clarkson gushed to the audience. "I’m having a really hard time.”

Though she had hinted at wanting to have a second sometime soon, she had not even told extended family about the pregnancy yet.

"I just don’t want you to think I’m on pills or drunk or something,” she explained in her signature endearing, candid way. "I’d like to apologize to my husband. That was not planned. I just didn’t want you to think I was crazy or anything. I’m just so hormonal today … I haven’t vomited yet. That is a freakin’ win."

It’s well known by now that while Clarkson has a soft spot for all her fans, she particularly dotes on the tiny ones after the birth of her daughter River Rose, who is now 13 months old. She recently stopped singing her hit “Breakaway” mid-concert to hold a baby in the audience at one of her shows.

The artist is on her Piece by Piece tour around the country through the fall.

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