Kelsea Ballerini recently moved into a new place in Nashville, Tenn., and the "Yeah Boy" singer enlisted the help of online interior design company Laurel & Wolf to make her purchase reflect her lifestyle. As Ballerini explains, her main goal was to make her place feel special and cozy and somewhere she'd love to come home to.

Ballerini's town home includes beautiful wardrobe room — which the singer refers to as her "girl cave" — as well as a music room, where she plans to pen her next album.

“I love my new music room. This is my favorite room in the world because I feel like it’s such a heartbeat of everything I love,” Ballerini says. “I’m working on my next album right now, and I guarantee a lot of it will be written in this room ... When I feel most comfortable, I’m at my most creative. It’s really hard for me to write when I’m not in Nashville. It’s hard for me to write on the road. To have a room like this that has big pieces of me all over the place and is filled with music and inspiring things. I feel like other inspirations will follow.”

Ballerini says the barn wood reminds her of her east Tennessee roots. Her very first guitar, which features roses painted by a friend, hangs on the wall near her records, awards and other instruments.

"I got to come home to my dream home," Ballerini gushes. "When I was a kid, I loved bright colors. I think every room I had had hot pink walls. Now, I’m a lot more neutral."

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