Kenny Chesney does holidays right. Warm weather, a tropical island and his favorite rum, sand between his toes ... the ultimate beach bum sends No Shoes Nation a holiday greeting they won't soon forget in his 'Christmas in Blue Chair Bay' video.

While most holiday-themed music videos don't include waves and palm trees, that's what makes Chesney's first Christmas release in quite some time so special. A well-lit tree and a Santa hat on a beach chair are all that hint to the holiday season in this tropical video -- a greeting from Blue Chair Bay.

Chesney is in his element in the clip, playing guitar on a wicker chair in the sand, with the waves rolling in behind him. The music video is sure to make you forget about the colder temperatures during the holidays as it transports you to Blue Chair Bay, where you can share a toast with the iconic country star. He shares beer and his signature rum with pals on a boat, which sure beats a tacky sweater party. On this island, folks opt for bikinis and swim trunks ... with Santa hats to keep it festive, of course.

"Lots of love, happy holidays to you from Blue Chair Bay," Chesney sings on the beach.

"Merry Christmas, everybody," he says after wrapping the song. "I hope you have an amazing, amazing Christmas and Happy New Year."

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