Kenny Chesney's father was on the paying end of a settlement for a defamation lawsuit in Claiborne County, Tenn. According to, Dave Chesney was sued by a school maintenance worker who alleged the elder Chesney defamed him by calling him a felon.

The financial settlement was not revealed, but Darrell E. Johnson was asking for $450,000 in his lawsuit. His attorney, David Dunaway, said Dave Chesney wasn't being truthful when he said Johnson had "a criminal record a mile long with a list of felonies."

The case goes back to 2009 when Dave Chesney allegedly made the comments before a school board meeting. reports that Johnson did have a criminal record that included domestic assault and probation violations. All of these are misdemeanors, however. Chesney was upset that no background check had been performed on Johnson prior to his hiring.

One day prior to this case being dismissed, Johnson filed a lawsuit against the school board for wrongful termination. He's claiming he was not given proper notice before his termination, and asking for back pay and fringe benefits.