Kenny Chesney has told fans he’s taking a breather in 2017, but he couldn’t help himself — he had to perform just one stadium show next summer.

For Chesney, it’s just not summer unless he gets to do one big outdoor concert with No Shoes Nation, so he’s bringing Thomas Rhett and Old Dominion to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. Aug. 25. The location has been a favorite of Chesney’s for years — and for good reason.

"From the beginning, the amount of heart and soul that came at us from the first note at Gillette was beyond intense. It’s never let up, it’s never slowed down. Every summer, every show, every song, they push us even harder than we push them. It’s kind of addicting, and something I can’t imagine a summer without. So we’re coming, Boston – and you know, this is our one shot at a big, big show, so you better get ready,” he wrote on Facebook.

Presale for the show begins Nov. 23 on Chesney’s site.

The artist says he is going to use the time in 2017 to be creative, which he admits can be tough to do while on the road.

“I hate trying to be creative in the middle of a tour. I hate it. And I did that some on this record,” he recalls about his most recent album, Cosmic Hallelujah. “But I was able to really channel that exhaustion and really take a look and try to back away from what I worked on for so long. Because I was afforded that time… I was able to really connect and find some songs that made the connection a lot stronger.”

Overall, he says he’s looking forward to recharging.

“It’s going to allow me to take a really authentic deep breath,” he says, referencing a year and a half on the road doing big shows. “Like my grandmother said, ‘Chocolate cake is great, but enough will make you sick.’ So we’re putting the cake away for just a little bit and then we’ll put it back out on the table.”

Cosmic Hallelujah dropped in October and explores a variety of styles, including “Setting the World on Fire,” a duet with pop star Pink, and “Rich and Miserable,” a pop-heavy anthem about the state of today’s culture.

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