The lyrics to the new Kenny Chesney single, 'Reality,' are a page out of the singer-songwriter's life. Chesney co-wrote the tune along with hit songwriter Brett James on the same writing trip where the two wrote the singer's previous No. 1 single, 'Out Last Night.' The song title, 'Reality,' was one that Chesney had in the back of his mind for some time, and he felt that James was the perfect co-writer to bring the song to life.

"Reality / Yeah, sometimes life ain't all that it's cracked up to be / So let's take a chance and live this fantasy / 'Cause everybody needs to break free from reality," they wrote in the lyrics to the chorus.

"In my head," James tells Taste of Country, "I was just picturing what it's like to go to a great rock concert or a great country show like Kenny puts on, and escape 'reality' for a while."

"Yeah, some days it's a b----, it's a bummer / We need a rock 'n' roll show in the summer / To let the music take us away / Take our minds to a better place," Chesney sings in the song.

"In Kenny's perspective, he sees that every night at his shows ... people come to his shows to escape reality," James says. "We wrote this song on Kenny's deck looking at the ocean at his island house. We were really trying to put ourselves in situation and find the escape in life. That's where this song started."

'Reality' is the fifth single from Chesney's 'Hemingway's Whiskey' album that hit stores last September. The album has already produced three No. 1 singles: 'The Boys of Fall,' 'Somewhere With You' and 'Live a Little,' and most recently, the Top 5 hit duet with Grace Potter, 'You and Tequila.'