Kenny Chesney visited stadiums across the country last summer and wants to be sure each of his fans know what that experience was like. In his new video for the song 'Reality,' Chesney pieces together live footage from shows in Detroit, Boston, Pittsburgh and many more.

Before the on-stage party begins, Chesney is shown wearing football helmets of each of the teams whose stadium he visited. He stands in the last rows of the stadium during these shots and viewers watch as workers piece together his expansive stage. A time-elapse video shows how the place fills up with fans.

Shaun Silva directed 'Reality.' He's had a hand in each of Chesney's videos since 'Young' in 2002. If the concept feels familiar, it's because Silva did a masterful job of capturing the atmosphere at a Chesney show. While it's not a totally original concept -- Toby Keith did something similar for 'Made in America' -- it's more than enough to get one to start tucking away money for a 2012 concert ticket.

Watch Kenny Chesney's 'Reality' Video