Headlining monstrous shows isn't enough for Kenny Chesney — he's got to break records, too.

The No Shoes Nation leader brought his The Big Revival tour to Minneapolis' Target Field over the weekend and shattered his own attendance record. Chesney has been playing this venue for years and has broken his own numbers time and time again. In 2012, he set a Target Field record with 42,542 people singing along to his songs. The following year, 43,940 fans showed up.

But Chesney beat himself during a two-night run at the venue this weekend — 44,152 people came out on Saturday (July 18)! And that was just the beginning.

“This has been the most amazing tour,” the beach-loving singer gushes in a press release. “Every week, it seems like the fans are louder, more alive, more inside the songs — and as someone who wants to connect with every last fan, right up to the top back of the stadium, that’s the best feeling in the world! I can’t believe how in the moment tonight’s audience was, and I can’t wait for tomorrow to do it all again.”

His second night of the stint was was also close to selling out.

The superstar isn't slowing down anytime soon, even after a year off to hone his talent.  "Taking a year off, there are no guarantees,” he explains, “so every night when we hit that stage, I am grateful to hear how loud the No Shoes Nation is! If 2014 gave me the chance to really invest in the music that became The Big Revival, it also let me really take what the show can be to another level. It’s leaner than it’s ever been, and that gives the band and these songs the chance to really stand out – and it feels like the people feel it the same way we are."

Chesney will bring his massive crowds when he headlines the Taste of Country Music Festival in 2016, so don't hesitate to buy tickets.

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