Kenny Chesney prides himself on being from east Tennessee, so he was quick to offer prayers and promises to help after wildfires ravaged the Gatlinburg, Tenn., area of the Smoky Mountains in November.

The "Setting the World on Fire" singer shared a video message with fans on Monday (Dec. 5), in which he let those suffering in his home state know he continues to think about them.

"I just want to say to everybody in east Tennessee and to everybody back where I come from in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, that I am thinking about you," he says. "I am loving you really hard right now. East Tennessee is my heart and my soul, and how I grew up. And I realize now that everybody over there is hurting. I want you to know that you're in my thoughts and in my prayers and along with a lot of other people's help, we're going to try everything we can to try and make this better."

Chesney also directed fans to Dolly Parton's My People Fund, urging them to donate if they are able.

"I've been thinking about my hometown and east Tennessee. My heart is with all of you that are hurting. Please take a second to help if you can," he writes.

Parton is also from east Tennessee and revealed that she will be setting up a foundation and telethon to assist those who have lost everything in the devastating wildfires.

“We want to provide a hand up to those families who have lost everything in the fires,” Parton explains. "I know it has been a trying time for my people and this assistance will help get them back on their feet." The icon's theme park, Dollywood, was threatened by the blaze, but ultimately did not suffer serious damage.

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