Kenny Chesney and Alan Jackson couldn't be more different. One is known for sleeveless T-shirts and dedication to fitness, while the other is an everyman's hero, known for a set of kind blue eyes and a great mustache. Who is better looking? Fans will have to decide that during this intriguing Round 1 battle. 

March Man-Ness is a 32-team tournament to decide the hottest man in country music, and both Chesney and Jackson are very deserving candidates. Many women have dreamed about being whisked away in the 'Summertime' singer's strong arms, just as many have found themselves wondering what it'd be like to have the tall Georgian write a love song for them.

You can only choose one man, though. Vote once every hour until the polls close at 11:59PM ET on March 16. The winner will move on to face either Garth Brooks or Billy Ray Cyrus. The ultimate winner of the Legends round will face the top Young Buck during the Final Four round beginning March 31.

Taste of Country March Man-Ness