In Kenny Chesney's new 'You and Tequila' video, the cowboy hat-sporting singer finds comfort in the arms of singer/songwriter Grace Potter, but when she's gone, he turns to tequila.

When the video kicks off, Chesney drives to the beach in L.A., where he finds Potter walking the sand in a flowing white dress. As fast as it was day it becomes night, just in time for the female rocker to join him on the song's chorus.

As is true of both love and alcohol, "one is one too many, one more is never enough." The musical couple finds themselves drowning in each other and their own bottle of the brown stuff, but the outcome isn't quite as sweet as the foggy romance.

We love watching Chesney and Potter make a splash together at the beach, and judging by their flirty looks, it's hard to believe they're not lovers in real life. Suddenly, we see they've grown apart and we're watching their memories, as they recall better times together in a California villa, laughing and lounging. By the end of the video, they're back where they started ... Alone and remembering the perfect mix of pain and pleasure brought on by one another and a bottle of tequila.

'You and Tequila' is a beautiful song with a gorgeous scenic video to match -- but even through all of the sun-kissed scenes, we find our hearts aching for the two as the slip apart and pull each other back in, time after time.