After two months at the top, Jason Boland and the Stragglers have been pushed to No. 4 on the Texas music chart by Kevin Fowler's 'That Girl.' You may remember that Fowler held a similar record late this summer with his hit 'Hell Yeah, I Like Beer,' and the Texas star is hopeful that he can run the play again with his latest.

Behind him, Cody Canada and the Departed have their eyes on the prize as well -- they're sitting in the second slot, up from No. 6 just last week. Aaron Watson and Wade Bowen both moved into the Top 5 as well, while Casey Donahew Band made moves from the Top 15 to the Top 10 and are now nestled between Kyle Park and Max Stalling.

Reckless Kelly are at No. 10 with their title track single 'Good Luck and True Love.' For the latest from the band themselves, read our new interview with lead singer Willy Braun!

Be sure to check back next week to see if Fowler is able to dig his heels into the No. 1 position, or if there'll be a new frontrunner in town.

Texas Music Chart

  • 10. Reckless Kelly - 'Good Luck and True Love'

    Good Luck & True Love
  • 9. Rosehill - 'Dream it All Over Again'

    White Lines and Stars
  • 8

    8. Max Stalling - '6 x 9 Speakers'

  • 7. Casey Donahew Band - 'Double-Wide Dream'

    Double-Wide Dream
  • 6. Kyle Park - 'Make or Break Me'

    Make or Break Me
  • 5. Wade Bowen - 'Saturday Night'

    Saturday Night - Single
  • 4

    4. Jason Boland and the Stragglers - 'Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse'

  • 3. Aaron Watson - 'Fast Cars Slow Kisses'

    The Road & the Rodeo
  • 2. Cody Canada and the Departed - 'Skyline Radio'

    This Is Indian Land
  • 1. Kevin Fowler - 'That Girl'

    That Girl - Single