On Friday, September 30, Kevin Fowler headed to Nashville, where he spent the day near the woods and water to film a music video for his new single, 'That Girl.' Fowler and his crew went to a private ranch just outside of town for the video shoot. The video features a couple in love through all stages of life, but she will always be "that girl" he fell in love with years ago.

"It was fun!" Fowler told Taste of Country at the shoot, following his final scene. "This is the first time I'm using my live band in a video, so they got to fly out and rock out together and have a good time. I think it gave the energy that the song needed for the video. It was cool ... I can't wait to see it."

"This is the most fun I've had shooting a video," he continued. "It's just been very laid back. It hasn't been high stress. It's been a very low-stress atmosphere today. People aren't rushing around and hurrying.  It's just kind of like, 'Yeah, whatever!'"

'That Girl' was penned by Fowler, along with singer-songwriter Trent Willmon and Clint Ingersol. "Me, Trent and Clint wrote this at Trent's house one day in Nashville," Fowler recalls. "I remember it was raining. The song just kind of came together. A lot of times some of the best songs just write themselves. This song just came out. We got lucky. Sometimes the song gods  throw you a bone and give you a freebie!"

The song is already barreling its way up the Texas music charts, as well as Billboard's country singles chart, where it made its entrance three weeks ago. "It's blowing up," Fowler proudly says. "It's doing what singles are supposed to do. In Texas it's really blowing up. It's cool. We're out there visiting radio stations, and it's the first song I've ever had that I haven't had to beg the stations to play [laughs]. They just play it ... It's awesome!"

The Texan's new single is the second release from his new album, 'Chippin' Away,' which has already produced the six-week No. 1 single on the Texas charts 'Hell Yeah, I Like Beer.' The song wasn't just a hit on the singles chart; the video was also a huge fan favorite.

"I just love that video. It's so fun," Fowler says. "When my crew started talking about what to do with that video, I said, 'Let me just open up my phone and call all my friends, get them all in the video.' That's kind of what it was ... Rodney Carrington's in there, Dierks Bentley, Pat Green, and all the Texas guys ... Tuff Hedeman, the bull rider, is in there ... three guys from the Boston Red Socks ... it just turned into this fun thing. It fit the song perfect."

As the year begins to wind down, Fowler will start the preparation process to head back into the studio in the first part of 2012. "We're going to be promoting this record next year, and hopefully get back to writing real soon," he says. "I'd like to be back in the studio around the spring or so, getting a new one ready to go.  Write, record, tour -- itt's a non-stop, viscous cycle! It's good. It keeps me out of trouble!"

Look for Fowler's video for 'That Girl' to premiere in the coming weeks.