Carson loves three things: his mom, legos and country music. The little boy really loves country music — especially Thomas Rhett — which is why he puts so much enthusiasm behind his "All-American Middle Class White Boy" cover.

And while he seems like your average happy-go-lucky little dude, Carson has endured more than most in his short life. A few years ago, the boy was in a car accident involving a drunk driver, according to videos on his mom's YouTube account. He suffered broken bones, broken teeth, cuts all over and even a bump on his head. Thankfully, he has fully recovered, but not without some serious scarring.

Carson says in one video that he won't "choose fear anymore," saying he'll choose joy. That's just what he does here — he picks a boost courtesy of Thomas Rhett's music. Add in some great dance moves, and you have Carson's great cover. Go on, put a little joy in your life and watch!