Partying has always been one of Kid Rock's favorite pastimes, and his 2007 video for 'All Summer Long' is the perfect exhibition of his lifestyle. 'All Summer Long' is your quintessential feel-good song, and it borrows samples from Warren Zevon's humorous and cheerful 'Werewolves of London' as well as Lynyrd Skynyrd's southern rock anthem 'Sweet Home Alabama.' 'All Summer Long,' featured on Kid Rock's album 'Rock N Roll Jesus,' marked the musician's crossover to country music and also became a No. 1 hit in eight countries worldwide in 2007.

The video for 'All Summer Long' is a visual narrative of Kid Rock's lyrics, as Kid Rock sings about the joys of being young, in love and carefree. In the video, a young Kid Rock, donning long blond locks and a backwards baseball hat, spends time with friends and his girlfriend during an amazing summer. The teens party all day and night, drinking Jack Daniel's whiskey around a bonfire and romancing one another in the backseats of cars. As Kid Rock sings in the beginning of 'All Summer Long,' this part of the video is supposed to take place in 1989, and the footage is given a grainy, amateur effect to add to its realism.

Kid Rock sings 'All Summer Long' as if he is looking back at these moments, longing for those days again. However, he still seems to have it pretty good, as he speeds around Old Hickory Lake in Nashville during the other half of the video. As he is zipping around the lake in a Grand-Craft Sport speedboat, he just happens to encounter a boat full of women dancing in bikinis around a stripper pole. The 'All Summer Long' video also channels a scene from the 1979 award-winning war saga 'Apocalypse Now.' Kid Rock is pictured singing with a backing band on the same type of platform that the Playboy helicopter lands on in the film, ending the video in his signature 'American Bad A--' style.

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