A man who attempted to burglarize the Michigan home of Kid Rock over the weekend has been arraigned on felony charges.

The singer posted surveillance footage on his blog in order to help identify and locate the would-be crook. At that time, Rock also  issued a warning that he would shoot anyone that tried to enact a home invasion on his property.

Brian D. Keith, 43, of Independence Township, Mich. was arraigned on charges of attempted home invasion and malicious destruction of property. He was filmed using a white van to try and ram open the gates of the property and trying to break in while using his crutches.

Rock was not at home during the attempt, but he was heated -- to say the least -- in his response, promising to protect home and hearth. Ironically, the attempted burglar asked for leniency from the judge, requesting a low bond since he has 15 screws and two plates in his knees. Such a condition didn't prevent him from attempting a home invasion, and Judge Joseph Fabrizio wasn’t sold.

The judge pointed to Keith's adult record -- 14 convictions -- as well as his criminal history out-of-state and the fact that he doesn't have custody of any of his seven children as reasons enough to set the bond at $75,000.

Keith will return to court next Monday. Damages to Rock's residence are said to be over $29,000.